NNAS Bronze

The Bronze National Navigation Award is perfect if you are new to the outdoors, new to navigation or find yourself relying on other people and want more confidence navigating terrain independently. If you are doing your Level 2 biking assessment and need to learn navigation, this is the ideal course for you. This course is accessible to all and available for walkers, bikers, and in 2020; trail runners too. To book yourself onto a course, click on the bookings button at the bottom of the page. 


Learn the essentials of map reading in a fun, focussed and structured way through both classroom based and practical activities. 

Gain confidence to be able to plan suitable routes and navigate round them independently, helping you to explore the thousands of miles of paths, tracks and trails across the UK.

Course details

The syllabus of the Bronze National Navigation Award teaches navigation in the countryside using paths tracks and other linear features. Basic map interpretation and compass work is also included. Our sessions are divided by discipline so we can focus the content to be relevant for each group. 

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We will spend the majority of the time outdoors, weather permitting, but some indoor work will be involved to make the most of different learning techniques. During the two day course you will produce a route plan with your peers and navigate using the appropriate skills you have learnt. If you are on the first steps towards a walking qualification; this is an essential place to begin. Just let us know before the course so we can tailor any learning to your needs if possible.

Upcoming Courses

MTB - North Wales:  Date coming soon

MTB - South Wales: Date coming soon

MTB - North Wales: August 22/23 2020

WALK - North Wales: Date coming soon