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We run a variety of courses for women, designed to help you enjoy walking and cycling with confidence in the outdoors.


Have you ever wanted to go out and explore your local area more, or even further afield but your not sure where you can and cant go? Or what if you make a wrong turn and don't know where you are? These days, it's so easy to turn to technology, but what happens when technology fails us, then what? If you have some navigation skills it can help to relocate, give direction and give confidence to be able to go out and have an adventure - no matter where it is.

Our navigation courses are delivered in a fun, informal and practical way. But don't worry, we take into consideration different learning styles - the main thing is that you walk (or ride!) away feeling confident, having had a fun weekend out in the countryside with other like minded women. 

Mountain Biking (MTB)

MTB can be physically demanding, but the key is to start slowly, progress at your own pace and work up through your personal challenges without outside pressure. I say personal challenges, because it's different for all - not everyone wants to achieve a big drop, jump or wheelie.  


MTB is also about the journey, the adventure (no matter how small!), the fun social opportunities it brings, and these are at the core of Infinite Exposures.

Whether you are a total beginner to cycling, wanting to get back into cycling, would like to progress further with your MTB or you road ride but would like to try something different - then we have a course for you. If you are looking for something specific, please get in touch, as I may be able to help.

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