Health and Wellbeing for Women 

Spending time in the outdoors maintains and improves good mental health. Whether you'd like to walk, climb, bike paddle or run, the outdoors is a wonderful platform to achieve your mental health goals.  This session is purely focused on outdoor exploration. If you or your group have specific goals you'd like to work towards or whether you'd just like to try something new, these sessions are designed around the individual and be bespoke to support you in whatever way you need. Before the session we would have a phone call to discuss your goals and requirements, then agree a date and location to begin!


Meet with your Becky on location: receive any safety brief, listen to the specific area of focus for the session get kitted up and go! 


Stop for a short break: enjoy the view, have a cuppa, chat about what you enjoyed in the session and what you'd like to try next time (if you would like another session) 


Arrive back at the starting point agree your next meet! 

Session cost: £40

Session Length: Morning or afternoon 1.5 hour one to one session 

Session location: to be agreed 

Session dates: Can be agreed weekly 

How to book: Click on the link to fill out a short booking form. Once your place on the course has been confirmed you will be sent a paypal link to complete your payment.