Guided Mountain Walking


Hire Becky to take you on your own mini Welsh adventure; suggest locations you've always dreamed of seeing in Wales or let her plan an unforgettable route. Perfect if you're new to navigation but are hungry for a truly 'off the track' adventure with a highly experienced guide with mountain and emergency first aid knowledge. Becky has a background in photography if you also have a keen creative interest in capturing the beauty of the Welsh Mountains. Plan a single day route or a series of routes to spread over a weekend, then let Becky help you find accommodation in the area suitable for your group.  


Session cost: One to one £140, 2 to 3 people £70 per person (group rates apply for 3 + get in touch for details) 

Session Length: 1 day minimum 

Session location: North, Mid or South Wales. 

Accomodation: Basic to luxury depending on your group 

Session dates: Entirely bespoke 

How to book: Click on the link to fill out a short booking form. Once all details have been discussed, you will be sent a paypal link to complete your payment.